Beautiful DIY Wallpaper For $4

Women smiling as she paints her home

Are you looking to spruce up your walls at home? Sure, you love the idea of wallpaper, but you can’t seem to find the perfect pattern to fit your home decor style. With the help of some paint and a kitchen sponge, you can give your home an accent wall that is truly one-of-a-kind. Wallpaper can be a pain to install, as well as a pretty penny, so how does $4 sound instead? Also, this activity is less committal than wallpaper, as if you decide you’re ready for a change in six months, easily paint over it. Now, we are going to take you through these five steps of completing DIY sponge wallpaper! Dish out your creative side, and let’s get started.

Choosing Your Pattern

First, begin by deciding on a pattern. Whether you want a distinct line or small dash-like touch, cut your sponge to fit your shape vision. Although, if your sponge has “scrubby” looking sides, make sure to rip it off. Also, don’t forget to consider your space. If you are working around many edges and corners, a more complicated design may be harder to match than others.

Time to Test

Grab a solid surface, perhaps a piece of wood or cardboard for testing. Pour the desired paint into a tray and dip your sponge. Next, apply to your testing service, making sure the shape and color fit your vision before pressing onto your wall. If your shape is geometric, it is best to pre-draw the lines with a pencil before applying the paint-filled sponge. Use a level to guide the lines.

Begin with Caution

When you begin, don’t go for the middle of the wall. Proceed with caution and select a corner to test your design. Once you are sure you are happy with the look, get to it! If you mess up, in worst case scenario, keep some of your wall paint on hand to paint over your mistakes.

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Perfection isn’t the Goal

You may think during the process you aren’t doing it correctly. Although, once you step back and see the finished product, you will see how wonderfully it all blends together. You will feel like Picasso in no time, and your home will look trendy and gorgeous.

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