Load Up At Tailgater’s Burger Company

Woman enjoying eating burger at restaurant
Tailgater’s Burger Company serves up classic diner fare. It is located in Hope, Arkansas, and its menu features classic hamburgers, Chicago-style hot dogs, and everything in between. Pies, milkshakes, and malts are also part of the lineup. If you are hungry and want to try one of the more satisfying... [read more]

Don’t Let Leftover BBQ Chicken Go To Waste

Quesadilla on a wooden table
Leftover chicken is an ingredient in its own right. Using leftovers as ingredients helps you not to waste food, and it is also much quicker than using ingredients from scratch. If you already have some cooked chicken from last night’s dinner, you are about 15 minutes away from having a... [read more]

What Does Your Car’s Check Engine Light Mean?

Check engine warning light.
One minute you’re happily driving down the road, and the next, the check engine light comes on. That light can turn a fun road trip into a stressful occasion. You’re worried your car is going to break down, and you wonder if you should pull off the road and call... [read more]

Grab A Burger At Tailgater’s

Young woman eating burger
Hope, Arkansas, might not be the largest city in the state, but the larger cities can’t rival it when it comes to burgers. Both locals and travelers rave about the offerings at Tailgater’s Burger Company. In fact, it’s the top-rated burger joint in the state, according to USA Today’s analysis... [read more]

Sink A Line At Lake Columbia

Fisherman with rod
Arkansas is known as the Natural State. It’s a top destination for all things outdoors, including fishing. While there are numerous popular fishing locations in the state, Lake Columbia stands out. At close to 3,000 acres, it’s a top destination for anglers searching for largemouth bass, channel catfish, bluegill, and... [read more]

Dig In At The Hope Watermelon Festival

Shot of teenage girls eating watermelon
When it comes to watermelons, the city of Hope is in a league of its own. Between the fertile soil and the skill of local farmers, this city has the best watermelons in the country. When you’re the best at something, you have to celebrate it, which Hope does in... [read more]

Save Big When You Service With Us

Mechanic checks the engine repair list at the garage.
It truly is possible to save big when you service your Ford with us at Hope Auto Company Inc. We take your trust and the maintenance of your car seriously. With our trained technicians and our outstanding service packages and deals, you’ll be able to look forward to many years... [read more]

Take A Historical Trip This Summer

Young Female Student Studying history
Take a historic trip, and you can check out a piece of the history of the 42nd president of the United States of America. William Jefferson Blythe III, better known as Bill Clinton, served as president from 1993-2001. His first childhood home was in Hope, Arkansas, and the National Park... [read more]

Finger Painting Crafts To Make Your Kids Smile

Little boy painting his mother with finger paint
Finger painting crafts come to the rescue to bust boredom and engage your children. With people spending a lot more time indoors in the past year, you might be racking your brain for creative things to do indoors. What’s great about finger painting is that anyone of any age and... [read more]

Start Your Day On A Sweet Note At Tasty Donuts

box of dozen assorted donuts
Tasty Donuts has the sweet treat you’re craving each morning. Whether you’re passing through or you’ve lived in Hope all your life, you will find something at Tasty Donuts that will put a smile on your face. After grabbing something fresh and delicious, why not explore the town? Hope has... [read more]