Switch Up Pizza Night With A New Cheese

Chef applying cheese to pizza

Sometimes pizza night just sounds right! The filling dough, crisp tomato sauce, and cheesy topping goodness are sure to please your tastebuds, but have you thought about switching things up with your choice of cheeses? While you can’t go wrong with any kind of cheese, we think you should give these four kinds of cheese a shot the next time you’re making homemade pizza. Just thinking about it is making our mouths water. Pizza for dinner every night this week will be all you desire once you read about these endless options.


Do you know the number one cheese used on pizzas? It starts with an “m,” and it’s insanely delicious! You can never go wrong with a pizza topped with mozzarella goodness. Although, did you know there are different types of mozzarella? Yes, low moisture and high moisture. Low moisture mozzarella is saltier and denser, so it melts faster, being perfect for pizza. The high moisture mozzarella must be used within the first day of being made. If you’re considering whipping up a Margherita or Greek pizza, this cheese might be the one for you.


Italian cheese for an Italian meal? Yes, please. Provolone is the second most popular used cheese on pizza. If you want a sweeter-tasting cheese, you should be shopping for a provolone cheese that hasn’t been aged for long. On the other hand, if you like a sharper flavor, the long-time aged provolone is perfect for you. While provolone is delicious on any pizza, we suggest using it to make a chicken pesto or Italian tomato pizza. You won’t be disappointed!


Are you looking for something a little unique? With a mix of sweet, earthy, and nutty flavors, gruyere will rock your socks off. While this cheese doesn’t burn easily, it’ll bake wonderfully in the oven. Create a pizza like never before with gruyere, potatoes, peppers, and sausage.


Who’s a fan of creamy white sauce as your pizza base? We know we are. Ricotta is typically the cheese used with white sauces, including a blend of many kinds of cheese: gruyere, gorgonzola, fontina, and mozzarella.

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