Is Leasing For You?

Man signing car insurance document or lease paper
When you shop at a dealership, you have the option to buy or lease a vehicle. Once you decide, you can fill out the paperwork and take the new car home. While buying and leasing both allow you to drive off in a new car, they are quite different. Find... [read more]

It’s Corn Season – Grill The Perfect Side

Grilled sweet corn ready to be eaten
Grilled corn on the cob is one of the most popular sides during the summer. Instead of buying frozen corn on the cob, go fresh this season. First, find out how to pick fresh and delicious ears of corn. Then follow this simple corn on the cob recipe to prepare... [read more]

3 New Pork Marinades To Incorporate This Season

Beef Rib Eye Steaks
Indeed, the correct marinade can elevate any meat dish, including pork. However, if you find yourself sticking with the same marinades every time, you might feel a little bored with your meals. Spice things up by trying these three pork marinades. They will change the flavor of the pork, adding... [read more]

Local Staples You Have To Try

Take-out burgers at home
The dinner bell is about to ring, and you still aren’t sure what to eat. While you could cook dinner, that doesn’t sound all that appealing. It would be much easier and more enjoyable to go out. Hope, AR, has lots of great places to try. Check out these local... [read more]

Here’s What To Do If Your Car Won’t Start

Man starting the car
Your car typically starts on demand, so it comes as a shock when it doesn’t. Your head starts spinning, thinking of all the possible reasons it won’t start. Before you call a tow truck, go over some common reasons that a car won’t start. Depending on the cause, you might... [read more]

Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade At Home

Close-up shot of a woman squeezing juice and making lemonade in the kitchen.
It gets scorchingly hot in Hope, Arkansas, especially in the spring and summer. After spending some time outside, you need a refreshing drink to cool off. With that being said, nothing beats a chilled glass of freshly-squeezed lemonade during the spring and summer. You might think it’s too much trouble... [read more]

DIY Slip And Slide To Beat The Heat And Have Fun

Smiling girl sliding down an outdoor slip and slide
The chill of winter is long gone, and now, you need a way to cool off when you’re outside. You can turn cooling off into a fun adventure by making a DIY slip and slide. This project will create a huge slip and slide that people of all ages can... [read more]

Order Your Next Meal From Big Jake’s Bar-B-Que

Slow Roasted St. Louis Style Baby Back Pork Ribs
You don’t have to travel far to enjoy some of the best barbecue in the south. You can get it right in Hope, Arkansas, at Big Jake’s Bar-B-Que. The service is fast, so you can place an order and pick it up right away. The only downside is your car... [read more]

Upgrade To Something A Little Edgier

Blue Ford Edge on road before city background
Comfort and space are essentials in the SUV market, and as soon as you see the familiar Blue Oval on the front of the Ford Edge, you can expect it to deliver far beyond the class standards. The Edge promises ample passenger room with high-quality furnishings, and it builds on... [read more]

Try A Bunch Of Asparagus Recipes

Asparagus being washed
Asparagus season is quickly approaching, so gather a few bunches of this delicious green veggie and whip up some of these asparagus recipes this week! Grilled Asparagus If you've already got the grill fired up for meat, throw your asparagus on, too, for an easy and delicious veggie side. You'll need one... [read more]