Recipes For Everyone On Turkey Day

Thanksgiving table with roasted turkey, sliced ham and side dishes
The countdown to Thanksgiving is on, and it won’t be long before you’re sitting around the table, sharing a meal with your loved ones. Now, you have to figure out what to serve so you can start planning the big meal. Check out some crowd-pleasing Thanksgiving recipes courtesy of Ree... [read more]

What’s Happening At Hempstead Hall

happy friends watching movie in theater
The year might be coming to a close, but things are heating up at Hempstead Hall in Hope, Arkansas. The performing arts theater has a full schedule of events for all ages. Whether you want to catch a movie or a live performance, it has you covered. Get the details... [read more]

Reserve Your Ford F-150 Lightning In Hope, AR

Ford F-150 Lightning
Did you ever think you would see the day when you could drive a totally gas-free truck? That time has arrived in a flash of lightning — the Ford Lightning. You love Ford trucks for their reliability, toughness, and capability. Now you can enjoy a brand-new truck that is environmentally... [read more]

Prepare For The Holidays Ahead Of Time With This Checklist

family cuddling before a holiday feast
If you’re planning on hosting this holiday’s festivities or entertaining family and friends on or around this date, you need to be ready. You don’t want to approach the big day missing key pieces or scrambling to get things ready. Fortunately, there are some helpful tips you can use to... [read more]

Know Before You Go: How To Find The Best Pumpkin

Little boys collecting pumpkins
When you think of the fall, a few things probably come to mind. Cooler weather, changing colors, going back to school — these are all signs of changing seasons. One of the most popular and anticipated parts of autumn is Halloween. Not only is this the perfect occasion for costume... [read more]

Satisfying Vegetable Recipes To Enjoy This Fall

Roasted Root Vegetables
Remember when you were young and adults were always telling you to eat your vegetables? It was a hard thing to do then, but it shouldn’t be now. There are limitless vegetable options you can put together to create mouth-watering side dishes and appetizers. With autumn ahead, now is the... [read more]

Step Up In A Ford Built For America

Ford F-150
Ford Motor Company, formed in 1903, services American drivers with vehicles made to match the country’s busy pace. Ford has consistently delivered some of the best cars in every class. The manufacturer has your back whether you want a fuel-efficient hybrid or a tow-ready pickup truck. Ford cars are dependable,... [read more]

Staycation In Hope At The Fair Park RV Facilities

senior man with a beard sitting on the doorstep of the motor home holding iron mug
Have you ever wanted to experience your hometown from the vantage of a tourist? At Fair Park, you can enjoy a vacation in Hope, Arkansas. Fair Park is home to the City of Hope RV Park. The park has about 200 electric and water hookups that you can book for... [read more]

Load Up At Tailgater’s Burger Company

Woman enjoying eating burger at restaurant
Tailgater’s Burger Company serves up classic diner fare. It is located in Hope, Arkansas, and its menu features classic hamburgers, Chicago-style hot dogs, and everything in between. Pies, milkshakes, and malts are also part of the lineup. If you are hungry and want to try one of the more satisfying... [read more]

Don’t Let Leftover BBQ Chicken Go To Waste

Quesadilla on a wooden table
Leftover chicken is an ingredient in its own right. Using leftovers as ingredients helps you not to waste food, and it is also much quicker than using ingredients from scratch. If you already have some cooked chicken from last night’s dinner, you are about 15 minutes away from having a... [read more]