Staycation In Hope At The Fair Park RV Facilities

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Have you ever wanted to experience your hometown from the vantage of a tourist? At Fair Park, you can enjoy a vacation in Hope, Arkansas. Fair Park is home to the City of Hope RV Park. The park has about 200 electric and water hookups that you can book for a fair price. There is also plenty to do around the park, which is conveniently located in the heart of the city. From there, you can walk to the many restaurants and historical sites around Hope, Arkansas.

The Facilities and Grounds

The RV Park at Fair Park is advantageously within the park, which itself is easy to access for anyone in Hope. The park is home to many other facilities for all sorts of outdoor recreation.

The Coliseum and Arena are home to the Southwest Arkansas District Fair and Rodeo. They are also rented out for other uses when the fair is out of season. Whether something is happening or not, the massive building is worth the visit alone.

The community center on the park has a full kitchen and showers for the RV park. This building is also frequently used for events and organizations.

Outdoor Recreation

Huckabee Lake is an 11-acre lake complex with a trail around its rim. There is a boat ramp and concrete shores for easy fishing. There are also handicap-accessible piers. If you plan on fishing, please read up on the requisite laws and regulations. Do not try to fish without the right license.

Fair Park is also home to three softball fields, three softball-baseball hybrid fields, and five baseball fields. These fields are available to rent by teams and organizations. Most of the time, though, they are being used for team practices.

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, you can also access the Fair Park pool. This pool is open to members or for a small daily fee. If you are planning on an extended stay, you may see if your kids have an interest in joining the Hope Piranhas Swim Team.

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The park is also home to three pavilions for rent and one pavilion open to the first arrivals. These are perfect spots for large outdoor picnics or barbecues.

As you can see, the Fair Park RV facilities give you access to all sorts of outdoor fun. Fair Park is a great place to plan a relaxing vacation. Whether you enjoy camping, fishing, or sports, Fair Park RV camping is the activity for you.

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