Save Big When You Service With Us

Mechanic checks the engine repair list at the garage.

It truly is possible to save big when you service your Ford with us at Hope Auto Company Inc. We take your trust and the maintenance of your car seriously. With our trained technicians and our outstanding service packages and deals, you’ll be able to look forward to many years of satisfied ownership. Hope Auto believes that Ford builds vehicles to last, and with our help, yours will.

Minor Maintenance and Service

Regular service on your Ford is the number one way to prevent bigger problems down the road. Our technicians are factory-certified. This means that whether the job is big or small, they’re qualified to give your Ford top-notch service every time. You won’t have to worry that they aren’t used to your model. We’ll help you stay on top of oil changes and tire rotations. Also, you can get a stellar deal on new wiper blades and batteries. Take care of all the little details with our parts and service department.

Get Ready for Summer

Get a summertime checkup for your Ford. Summer is when many people go on vacation, so you’ll want to take advantage of our Road Trip Special. Make sure your drive is safe and successful for a low price. Next, get your air conditioner serviced. Even if it’s blowing cool, it might not be performing at its coldest. Our service department will help you keep cool during the blazing hot summer. You’ll be road-trip-ready, totally comfortable, and able to concentrate on making memories.

Service Your Brakes and Tires for Safety

Let Hope Auto’s service department inspect your brakes and tires. We can ensure your brakes are working well. There are a lot of signs that your brakes need repair, including shaking or vibrating or hearing a grinding noise. Our priority is your safety.

Next, consider having our technicians service your tires. This is one of the most overlooked areas of maintenance on a car. Then, we’ll make sure to rotate and inflate them to the right pressure. And if the tread is worn out, we’ll set you up with a great deal on new tires.

Flexible Maintenance With FordPass

FordPass is an app you can download. Earn points when you buy or lease a Ford, and apply those points to maintenance. You can use your points for complimentary maintenance or other rewards. As you service your vehicle, earn more points. For each dollar you spend at Hope Auto, you’ll earn 10 points. FordPass members also get access to special deals and events, and you’ll have peace of mind with FordPass’ roadside assistance feature. Finally, use FordPass to manage your car. Lock and unlock it, check fluid levels, and more.

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Hope Auto is Here for You

You made a great investment when you purchased your Ford. Let Hope Auto Company Inc in Hope, Arkansas, help you protect that investment for as long as you own it. We want to keep you safe without blowing your budget. Our trained technicians will work efficiently to get you back on the road. Give our service department a call today to schedule your next appointment with us.

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