DIY Slip And Slide To Beat The Heat And Have Fun

Smiling girl sliding down an outdoor slip and slide

The chill of winter is long gone, and now, you need a way to cool off when you’re outside. You can turn cooling off into a fun adventure by making a DIY slip and slide. This project will create a huge slip and slide that people of all ages can enjoy. Even better, you can make it for less than $50, making it the ideal way to escape the oppressive heat this spring and summer. Get the details, so you can slip and slide your way through the hot months.

Materials Needed

Start by gathering the materials for this project. You’ll need:

  • 100 x 10-foot roll of clear polyethylene plastic sheeting
  • 10 pool noodles
  • 30 landscape pins
  • Hose connected to a spout
  • Tear-free soap

Creating the Slip and Slide

After you get your materials, you’ll be ready to build your slip and slide. Don’t worry if you aren’t very handy, as this is a very easy project.

Start by scouting a location for a slip and slide. You need to set it up on a hill so everyone will fly down it when using it. After choosing a spot, roll the plastic sheeting down it.

Then, you need to place the pool noodles on the sides of the slip and slide. They will keep the water on the plastic sheeting, keeping it slick. Place the first noodle at the edge of the plastic. Roll the noodle and plastic three or four times toward the center of the slip and slide, and secure it with landscape pins. Push the pins through the plastic and the noodle, all the way into the grass. Then, move down about 10 feet and place the next noodle. Repeat this process until both sides have bumpers.

Getting the Slip and Slide Ready

Your slip and slide are almost ready to use, but you need to make it slippery first. Use a hose to wet the plastic, and next, pour the soap on it. This will make it more slippery so you can really fly down it. Add extra soap every 20 minutes when you’re using it. You can also rub the soap on your body if you want to increase the speed you fly down the sheet.

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Ready, Set, Slide

Once the slide is ready, give it a go. Even if you made it for your kids, try it out yourself. It will bring you back to your childhood when you slip, slide, and fly your way down the hill. Your entire family will share some laughs and make memories while playing on the slip and slide. After a trip or two, you’ll completely forget about the heat and focus on the fun.

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