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Staycation In Hope At The Fair Park RV Facilities

senior man with a beard sitting on the doorstep of the motor home holding iron mug
Have you ever wanted to experience your hometown from the vantage of a tourist? At Fair Park, you can enjoy a vacation in Hope, Arkansas. Fair Park is home to the City of Hope RV Park. The park has about 200 electric and water hookups that you can book for... [read more]

Grab A Burger At Tailgater’s

Young woman eating burger
Hope, Arkansas, might not be the largest city in the state, but the larger cities can’t rival it when it comes to burgers. Both locals and travelers rave about the offerings at Tailgater’s Burger Company. In fact, it’s the top-rated burger joint in the state, according to USA Today’s analysis... [read more]

Dig In At The Hope Watermelon Festival

Shot of teenage girls eating watermelon
When it comes to watermelons, the city of Hope is in a league of its own. Between the fertile soil and the skill of local farmers, this city has the best watermelons in the country. When you’re the best at something, you have to celebrate it, which Hope does in... [read more]