Grab A Burger At Tailgater’s

Young woman eating burger

Hope, Arkansas, might not be the largest city in the state, but the larger cities can’t rival it when it comes to burgers. Both locals and travelers rave about the offerings at Tailgater’s Burger Company. In fact, it’s the top-rated burger joint in the state, according to USA Today’s analysis of TripAdvisor ratings.

Check out the top menu items at Tailgater’s, and then make plans for lunch or dinner. You’re sure to be impressed by this local restaurant.

Try the Iconic Jalapeno Burger

When you go to the best burger restaurant in Arkansas, you know you’re going to love all the offerings. However, there’s one menu item that manages to rise above all else. It’s the jalapeno burger, and it’s the best burger in Arkansas, according to Eat This, Not That. Now, this is a true jalapeno burger, loaded with spicy stuff, so it has quite a kick. It has other toppings as well, including the joint’s signature “Boom Sauce.”

Avoid the Heat With the Popular Avocado Burger

Now, if you don’t like the spicy stuff, the jalapeno burger might be a little too much to handle. No worries, because there’s another iconic burger on the menu, and it’s not spicy at all. It’s the avocado burger, and it packs in every bit of flavor without the kick. You can even add bacon if you wish. Now, that’s the way to enjoy a burger.

Enjoy Unique Takes on Nathan’s Hotdogs

You can also head to Tailgater’s if you have a hot dog craving. The restaurant doesn’t just serve up any old hot dog. It uses Nathan’s famous hot dogs, which are arguably the best in the business. Just like the burgers, you’ll get all kinds of options when it comes to hot dogs, with the Heart Attack Hot Dog standing out as the crown jewel. This is far from your average hot dog. It’s wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese. Then, it’s deep-fried. You’ll never look at hot dogs the same way after eating this.

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Munch on Flavorful Sides

The burgers and hot dogs are super filling, but you’ll still want to get sides here. The hand-cut fries always hit the spot, but if you want something a little different, consider the onion strings or fried green beans. You won’t find these at many burger places, and they are always on point.

While you can make a burger or hot dog at home, it won’t rival what you’ll get at Tailgater’s. This restaurant has reached legendary status because it manages to turn burgers and hot dogs into masterpieces. That means it’s a great time to give yourself a break from cooking and eat here today. It has food for kids and adults, so everyone will walk away full and satisfied.

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