Upgrade To Something A Little Edgier

Blue Ford Edge on road before city background
Comfort and space are essentials in the SUV market, and as soon as you see the familiar Blue Oval on the front of the Ford Edge, you can expect it to deliver far beyond the class standards. The Edge promises ample passenger room with high-quality furnishings, and it builds on... [read more]

There’s Room For More In The Ford Explorer

Blue Ford Explorer on bridge at sunset
When you and your family and friends are ready to head out for a road trip, you’ll need an SUV with plenty of space for all your passengers and gear. Fortunately, the Ford Explorer was built with those needs in mind. Room for Everyone Up to seven people can ride in the... [read more]

Egg Recipes For Any Meal

Fried eggs wrapped in crispy bacon close-up on a plate and sauce on the table.
While eggs are a great go-to for breakfast, you can use them to make a mouth-watering meal any time of day. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or at dinnertime, try out these recipes to make the most of a carton of eggs. Bacon and Egg Cups There’s no denying that... [read more]

Gardening Tips For A Green Thumb

Planting sprout plant in the soil ground.
If you want to make sure your green space is lively and vibrant all through spring and summer, consider these helpful tips cultivated just for gardening in Arkansas. Prep for Spring The long, cold winter can be harsh on plant life, but you can help your foliage recover from the chill. As... [read more]