Gardening Tips For A Green Thumb

Planting sprout plant in the soil ground.

If you want to make sure your green space is lively and vibrant all through spring and summer, consider these helpful tips cultivated just for gardening in Arkansas.

Prep for Spring

The long, cold winter can be harsh on plant life, but you can help your foliage recover from the chill. As spring returns and plants begin to sprout new growth, feed them with a slow-release fertilizer for a steady intake of necessary nutrients. You could also apply a root stimulator to help them grow hearty and promptly. As color returns to the leaves, prune away any dead or broken branches, and be prepared to apply an organic spray if any of your plants are prone to seasonal pests. Certain plants like marigolds actually deter aphids. You can also plant some aromatic herbs that double as cooking ingredients, as aphids avoid the scents of herbs like peppermint and fennel.

Edible Herbs

Herbs grow best in spaces with plenty of sunlight, and it’s important to ensure sufficient soil drainage to protect their roots. While these plants add some variety to your garden and can certainly spice up your cooking, you’ll need to keep in mind how they behave once planted. Certain herbs like oregano and mint take off when planted in the ground, so to keep them from spreading wild, it might be best to pot them. Even if you don’t plan to cook with your greenery, including herbs like rosemary in your garden will create some appealing aromas in the air.

Weed Control

With as much effort as you put into planting the right greenery, it’s a pain to see random weeds spring out and disrupt the view. These uninvited guests are more than just eyesores, as they can crowd out the roots of your favorite flowers and hog the vital nutrients in the soil. To keep intruders like clover, nutsedge, and others from spoiling your garden, apply an organic, grass-friendly weed remover, and check its label to see how often it should be used.

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