Is Leasing For You?

Man signing car insurance document or lease paper

When you shop at a dealership, you have the option to buy or lease a vehicle. Once you decide, you can fill out the paperwork and take the new car home. While buying and leasing both allow you to drive off in a new car, they are quite different. Find out if leasing is right for you. If it is, visit your local dealership to sign your leasing agreement.

How Often Do You Like to Upgrade?

When deciding if you should buy or lease, ask yourself how often you like to switch vehicles. Are you the type of person who likes to upgrade every few years so you can get access to the latest features? If so, leasing is a good fit. Leases usually only last a few years, giving you the chance to upgrade often.

On the other hand, it might take you five or six years to pay off a car loan. If you try to upgrade before that, you run the risk of being upside down in the loan. That means you’re more likely to keep driving the exact vehicle.

Do You Like Premium Amenities?

Do you like the idea of driving a car with premium amenities, but you can’t afford it? Monthly lease payments are typically less than car payments. That means you can upgrade to something with all kinds of bells and whistles without spending more than you can afford. This is an excellent way to experience the best features for less.

Do You Want a Hassle-free Trade Experience?

When you own a car, it’s up to you to find a buyer for it or to trade it with the dealership. This takes extra time and effort. Leasing is much easier. You bring the car back to the dealership at the end of the lease. Then you can choose your next lease and drive off the lot in it. It’s such a quick and easy process that you won’t stress at all.

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Do You Like Customizations?

There is one drawback to leasing, but it might not impact you. You cannot customize your car if you lease it since it will still belong to the dealership. If you don’t typically customize your cars, this isn’t an issue. However, if you do like to add extras, buying is the better option.

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