Easy Flower Crafts In Time For Spring

Mother and daughter crafting a flower

Spring has sprung, which means flowers are in full bloom. Another thing that could always benefit from some blooming is your child’s imagination! Give your kids an opportunity to really get creative when you try out one of these easy, flowery crafts. They’re all extremely kid-friendly, and make a beautiful decoration for around the house.

A Whole Bouquet

Crafting a flower is great, but what about crafting an entire bouquet? This gorgeous arrangement is simple to throw together. With scissors, glue, some cardstock, and decorative straws, you’ll have a frame-worthy craft.

Sweet Something

Step one of this craft is to bake cupcakes. Kidding (kind of), but you do need cupcake liners to create it. Stack two cupcake liners on top of each other and glue a button in the middle. Next, connect a fun straw to the back of the liner, and you’ve got your cute little flower to place in a glass jar.

Flowers Rock

With some white-coated rocks, acrylic paint, and paintbrushes, you’ll have a clever craft in no time. Best of all, it only takes a little effort! Paint a group of six rocks your favorite color, then paint a larger rock the same color to act as the middle. Using a darker color, add polka dots, lines, zig-zags, or whatever pattern you’re into. After they’re all painted and dried, the kids can play with the different colors and make different color combos.

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One With Nature

Sometimes, the best flower crafts are made with actual flowers. This craft gets everyone outside for an adventure that also results in a fun craft. Use a poster crayon to draw a stem and leaves onto a dark piece of construction paper. Now using glue and your favorite flower petals, create your own flower on the paper.

These crafts will be fun for the whole family. Try them all out, and they can even double as a Mother’s Day gift. Either way, you’ll get some quality time with your kids!

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