Care For Your Lawn This Summer

lawnmower on green grass

lawnmower on green grass

Want to keep your yard looking fresh all summer long? Put these professional lawn care tips into practice.

Start Early

As spring gives way to summer, your lawn might already be lush and green, but it will take some work to keep it that way all season long. An application of fertilizer early in the summertime can nourish the grass to grow heartily even as the temperature rises, and heavy watering will allow water to sink deep into the soil so that roots will grow down deep to reach for it, anchoring your lawn’s flora firmly in place. You should let the grass grow reasonably high at first before starting up your mowing routine, as it will help the roots take hold early on. It’s also fine to let those clippings stay where they fall, as they’ll eventually break down and nourish the grass that remains. Keep in mind that taller grass can harbor plant-harming pests, so look out for thin patches that might be a sign of aggressive eaters.

Mid-Season Care

Your lawn will need special upkeep to remain healthy through the heat of the summer. For some kinds of grass, that might involve another round of fertilizing midway through the season. It’s still recommended to cut the grass at a high length, and as you mow, remember to take good care of your mower, too. Keeping the blades sharp will let it perform better and cut cleanly without damaging your lawn.

Watering the Right Way

Watering can be a tricky task, as you don’t want to overwater your lawn and stunt its roots, but you don’t want to under do it and dry it all out, either. Ideally, you should be able to water infrequently yet thoroughly, allowing the water to soak deep into the soil. One or two soaks per week would be better than daily sprinkling, but pay attention to any water restrictions that might come up if the summer heat leads to drought conditions. Also remember that watering early in the day is better that late in the afternoon, as the water will have a chance to soak in before the sun evaporates it.

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