Load Up At Tailgater’s Burger Company

Woman enjoying eating burger at restaurant

Woman enjoying eating burger at restaurant

Tailgater’s Burger Company serves up classic diner fare. It is located in Hope, Arkansas, and its menu features classic hamburgers, Chicago-style hot dogs, and everything in between. Pies, milkshakes, and malts are also part of the lineup. If you are hungry and want to try one of the more satisfying restaurants in Hope, you should check out Tailgater’s Burger Company.

Hours and Location

Tailgater’s Burger Company is about as central to Hope, Arkansas, as anything. It is directly across from the historic Brundidge Building. The diner is open every day except Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Expect it to be packed all day, though you might have an easy time getting seated at around 3 p.m., between the lunch and dinner rush.

The Burgers

Tailgater’s Burger Company is, first and foremost, a burger joint. The first page of the menu gives you 10 distinct burger options, each with a side and drink. Some burgers that stand out are the Southern Slaw, with BBQ sauce and coleslaw, and the applewood bacon cheeseburger. The sides include fries, chips, fried okra, tater tots, or salad. You also have the option to upgrade to fried green beans, fried pickles, corn nuggets, slaw, or sweet potato fries.

Other Main Courses

Aside from burgers, Tailgater’s also serves Nathan’s Hot Dogs, sandwiches, and salads. Between the hot dogs and specialty sandwiches, there are nearly as many options as the burgers. You can also opt for chicken strips with gravy.

The hot dogs come in four modes. The Tailgate Dog has grilled onions, relish, and mustard. Chicago-style dogs sport mustard, tomato, pickles, pepper, sweet relish, grilled onions, and celery salt. The Studabaker has sauerkraut rather than relish. Finally, the Heart Attack Hot Dog is a Swiss cheese-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dog fried in mustard.

There are many options for sandwiches, including a turkey sub, Reuben, and chicken wrap. Moreover, like the burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches come with the same side options. The salads come in two varieties: one comes with sandwich meat while the other comes with patty meat.

The kid’s menu also delivers. Each meal comes with a side and a drink, with the choice of burger, chicken nuggets, corn dog, grilled cheese, or a hot dog.

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For dessert, you can choose between ice cream and pie. The ice cream comes in shake or malt form, with the option to choose between chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Tailgater’s Burger Company also has eight flavors of Flywheel Pies. Without a doubt, these Arkansas specialties go great after a filling meal.

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