Finger Painting Crafts To Make Your Kids Smile

Little boy painting his mother with finger paint

Little boy painting his mother with finger paint

Finger painting crafts come to the rescue to bust boredom and engage your children. With people spending a lot more time indoors in the past year, you might be racking your brain for creative things to do indoors. What’s great about finger painting is that anyone of any age and ability can do it. You can even use your feet for some cute and surprising designs. Grab your kids and clear a space for the most entertaining mess you can make.

Have Your Animals Make These Animals

With only a few colors, thumbprints, and a pen or pencil for the finishing touch, your kids can create a whole zoo of animals. Try guiding your kids in making zoo animal finger paint art and have them make a whole scene or story. If animals on land aren’t very interesting, take a finger-paint adventure under the sea. For example, encourage your kiddos to see how they can make their hand shapes look like goldfish or angelfish, or other underwater creatures.

Fingerpaint Down on the Farm

Finger paint carrots look yummy to finger paint rabbits in this fun paint session. With just a few blotches of paint, these creatures come to life with so little effort. Or, take your imaginations down to the farm and watch a mama chicken come to life with her little finger paint chicks trailing behind. Then, add finger paint pumpkins or classic hand-turkeys to round out your kid’s delightful farm scene.

Mix Up Homemade Fun

As you know, little hands can make very big messes. And your tiniest toddlers are likely to put paint-covered hands in their mouths and all over the play space. In fact, you can mix up your own non-toxic finger paint that is edible. So by mixing up finger paint at home, you’ll know what’s in it, which is important if your child has an allergy or intolerance. Here’s an easy recipe you can mix up in no time:

  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 3 cups water
  • 1 tablespoon fine salt
  • Food coloring

You can also include one tablespoon of dish soap, but it is optional. First, combine your dry ingredients. Second, you will add the water cold and stir. Next, heat the ingredients and stir constantly until the consistency is smooth. After that, take it off the heat, add a half cup of cold water and the dish soap, and then divide. Finally, add food coloring to the mixture. If it still seems thick, slowly add cold water and mix until you get the consistency you like.

If your kids accidentally put it in their mouths, you’ll know they won’t be consuming potentially dangerous chemicals. In addition, you can even substitute natural food powders and juices instead of store-bought food coloring to make brilliant colors.

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Go All in With Finger Painting Crafts

Whether your kids have the rainy day blues or you’re looking for a craft the whole family can do, finger painting is a great way to go. Bring out everyone’s creativity with this easy craft that’ll have you laughing and making fun and sweet works of art. You may not even want to wait for the next rainy day. Let’s paint!

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